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6 Ways to Stop Your toilet from Sweating

toilet from Sweating

Summer is the season when an individual starts facing issues in their toilet. Every summer, thousands of people think about how to fix the toilet that perspires puddles of water on the floor. This problem is very annoying as it needs a proper solution as it has been seen in most cases that even after fixing the issue from the plumber, the water will again start falling after some days.

If you are also the one who is searching for a permanent solution to this issue, then this article is for you as it carries all the information related to this topic. Before we switch to how to stop the toilet from Sweating, we will discuss why it happens, but you can get a clear view of it.

Why does the toilet tank have condensation?

As soon as the weather turns hot, much moisture is seen in the air. On the other hand, water entering the toilet tank during this time is about 60 Degrees. After the moist, warm air hits the excellent porcelain toilet surface, the air condenses, and the water drops on the floor.

This issue occurs only during summer, and experts claim that a large amount of water can be dropped quickly. Various manufacturers manufacture toilet-tank insulators that one can use to eliminate this issue. But in reality, most of the insulators don’t work.

Ways to stop your toilet from sweating

Use the vent fan while taking a shower

One of the easiest ways to get through this issue is by getting an exhaust fan in your washroom. Turning it on while taking a shower can solve these issues in many ways. Prefer keeping it turned on 10-15 minutes after use to see better results.

  • Throwing out the warm air reduces the likelihood of tank sweat.
  • Experts also claim that taking cooler and shorter showers can help.
  • Either run enough water in the sink or keep the fan on.
  • If your washroom does not have an exhaust fan, keep the door open as it is the last option available, as opening a window won’t help in controlling the humidity.

Prefer closing the window on summer

Every individual makes a mistake during summer: they prefer opening all the windows. If you notice the weather is warmer outside, then prefer keeping your window closed as it can worsen the case. Because if you are keeping the window open during summer, you are doing nothing but just increasing the temperature between the air outside the tank and the tank water and offering moisture to condense.

Switching to a dehumidifier or air conditioner

Though this process is costly, one can get through the issue by switching to this technique. The air conditioner will control the temperature and will and will reduce the moisture content present in the air, which will later reduce the condensation.

A whole-house dehumidifier or central air conditioning will work the best. Consider using this technique or consult their plumber to get better tricks.

Insulating the tank 

Either make your insulating tank or purchase one. These kids are readily available at a plumbing supply retailer or hardware store for those who do not know. It should include an adhesive application tool, instructions, and insulating foam. Also, consider creating your tank insulation kit by purchasing a tube of high-quality waterproof adhesive and a standard-size yoga mat.

One can also fix this issue by reducing the water level from the toilet tank. All you need to do is turn off the water supply and flush the maximum water, leaving a small amount of water to clean the tank. One can also use various types of spray to clean the rust-coloured material on the tank’s interior side. Cleaning these buildups can help the adhesive hold the insulation better.

Wrap the outside of the toilet tank

Another effective method of getting through this issue is wrapping the toilet tank with good-quality fabric. You must purchase a premade tank cover or prefer fabric to cover the entire toilet tank. One should prefer using the towel material, as this material is ideal for serving this purpose. One also needs to wash the fabric every week to keep it healthy.

Add a tray to catch the water

This method won’t stop the tank from sweating but will prevent your floor from getting damaged. One can purchase a tray and keep it under the toilet to catch all the water droplets falling. One needs to clear the tray every day to avoid overflow.


Every individual faces one issue during summer: they all suffer from leaking in the toilet. There are various ways with the help of which one can get through the issue. If you are also facing the same issues, consider focusing on the ways mentioned below to get through the issue.

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