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Home & Decor - February 11, 2023

7 Ways to Prepare Your Lawn for the Fall


Seeing and enjoying a beautiful garden is indeed soothing to the eyes. Nothing can be more beautiful than spending time in the green pasture surrounded by beautifully maintained trees and plants and listening to the birds chirping or the butterflies floating from one plant to another.

However, as falls set in, the environment changes a bit, with falling leaves, plants, and trees looking dull. You must again wait for the spring to see the flowers blooming and your garden turning colorful.

However, it is best to prepare your lawn for the fall season, so it is ready for the colder months and brace for the challenging weather. Let us discuss ways for you to prepare your lawn ahead of fall.

The preparations you should make

With fundamental actions, you can prepare your lawn and garden for the spring, and it is not rocket science to maintain your bit of green pasture.

  • Watering – During autumn, your lawn requires a lot of water even though the leaves begin to change and fall. The growing seasons begin to slow down, and the grass will not grow fast. Watering the lawn during autumn and fall will help the grass and the plants in your garden fight the stress they have experienced during the hot summer and gain strength. Water helps o soak the fertilizers, and they begin to nourish the grass before winter sets in and the ground freeze.
  • Pruning the plants- As the end of summer nears and autumn sets in, the plants in the garden and the grass on the lawn begin to overgrow. It is time to prune the grass and the plants to grow healthier for the next growing season – spring. You need to cut down the perennials leaving the ones that need spring pruning.
  • Fertilizing the lawns – Having the best lawn in your area is not easy. You need to properly care for the same before fall sets in. Usually, you need to fertilize your lawn four times during the year, but even fertilizing once just during the onset of fall can make your grass look more green. Always use the best fertilizer for grass, and if necessary, take advice from professionals for using them and maintaining your lawn. Ideally, you should apply the fertilizer three weeks before mowing the lawn so that the grass can absorb the nutrients and stay energized. Fertilizing the lawn during the onset of fall helps the roots to store food for the harsh winter and stay healthy and ready to sprout again during spring.
  • Shorten the height of the grass – After removing all dead leaves from your lawn to avoid sodden mats; it is time to cut the grass short. Adjust the lawnmower blades so that you maintain a height of one and a half inches to two inches. It will prevent snow mold formation during winter. If you have tall grass blades, they will not lay down and will not smother new grass after winter during spring. Therefore mowing the lawn is necessary to prepare your lawn before fall sets in.
  • Reseed late – If you want a beautiful lush green lawn during spring and summer, it is best to reseed the lawn during late summer or early fall. You may be reseeding a small patch or the entire lawn, the damp and cool weather during late summer and early fall are ideal for the same, and you do not need to repent during spring. Avoid reseeding for grass during peak summer, as the chances of survival and sprouting are remote.
  • Aerating the soil – You need to aerate the soil, making holes by plugging the soil. Aerating helps the grass to have good health and grow better, and you can have a lush green lawn that can envy your neighbors and friends. Aerating helps to release foot compaction due to traffic on the grass, and the extra pores allow fresh air and nutrients to reach the roots without any obstruction. Use the lawn aerator readily available on rent and observe how beautiful your grass grows, making your lawn look wonderfully green.
  • Use a mulching mower – If you want to use natural fertilizer, then use the mulching mower. It will shred the leaves and the blades of grass into tiny flakes. They decompose with time and are one of the best natural fertilizers for grass. Chopping the leaves twice or thrice can keep your grass healthy and lively, and at the same time, you can make natural fertilizers from the chopped leaves.


If you want a beautiful lawn throughout the year, follow the above tips and prepare your lawn for fall. It is not a formidable job; you can maintain your garden and lawn and enjoy. It is time to change the proverb “the grass on the other side looks green “and to enjoy greenery on your lawn itself.

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