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Consumer - February 7, 2022

A comprehensive guide for some best whiskey brands in India

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If we talk about one drink that coalesce the nation then it is the perfect and best old fashioned whiskey. It is a symbol and signifier of all celebrations like birthday parties, wedding or anniversary parties, and many more. Not only party but people also drink whiskey on a daily bases to relax from an exhausting day of work. However, it has many benefits such as whiskey is a fat-free and low carb, it helps to prevent cancer, reduce the risk of developing heart disease, and many more.

When we talk about whiskey brand then you can find varieties of whiskey easily. Therefore, people get confused about which drink they should drink? Here you will know about some best whiskey in India so just scroll down to know more about it.

Know about the best single malt whiskey brands

The Macallan:

The Macallan whiskey is one of the most used whiskey brands in India and it is the only scotch that can be easy to love immediately. It is the third-largest selling in the world and second-largest single malt whiskey by value. This whiskey offers the sherried sweetness, spice and it is a big creamy. Macallan makes both great entry-level scotch and some of the coveted bottles for some serious collectors. The name of Macallan derived from two Gaelic words ellan and magh and the meaning of this word is fertile ground.

Monkey shoulder triple malt:

This is another best whiskey in India and it is for all men and women who need it. Money shoulder whiskey is made by three distinct single malts such as Balvenie, Glenfiddich, and kininvie. After this process, it packs in a super smooth ride. It is best for the party and people take it with spicy pointers and enjoy its taste.

Jameson Irish whiskey:

It is another classic example of a very popular whiskey that has a popular sale in the world. Irish whiskey is liked by many people because of their triple distillation and gives a smooth finish. However, amongst all Irish whiskey, Jameson is the best and really popular. Indian drinker prefers Jameson whiskey because of its uniquely adaptable whiskey, which goes well with mixer, neat. People love drinks whiskey not only neat but also take it with some famous whiskey cocktails.

100 piper deluxe scotch whiskey:

100 piper deluxe scotch whiskey is consistently seen on the list of the world’s best selling scotch whiskeys. These whiskey brands are popular among the urban Indian whiskey drinker and it is well known for its bang for the buck quality. This is an amazing blend of smooth, well rounded and aromatic. However, it has a reasonable price and you feel marvelous when you taste it.

Glenfiddich 12:

This whiskey is another popular brand in India and it is one of the last family distilleries and liked by various people. When you drink it then you feel the fruity aroma, creamy mouthfeel and sweet as well. However, it is not too expensive and people love to drink it with spicy or mix with other cocktails.

Teacher’s highland cream:

This is another best selling whiskey, which is established its dominating presence in the Indian whiskey market among the whiskey lover. Teacher’s highland cream is the best whiskey in India because of three things, it’s smooth, it’s famous, and the last it’s the most economical price in India. People who didn’t drink before then teacher’s highland cream are best for them because it is accessible and pleasing for everyone. However, all whiskey helps to prevent your heart from disease.

Black and white blended whiskey:

The parameter of the popularity of these whiskey brands is the same as the teacher’s highland cream because it blends with higher grain whiskey content. People who want to drink daily then it is the best option for them because of its affordable price and smooth finish. The black and white whiskey is a lightweight that’s why people enjoy it with some water or even neat with some ice cubes. It does not have harshness and rich flavor but it is popular amongst whiskey lovers due to its robustness.

Chivas regal:

When we think about blend scotch whiskey then the first name that clicks in our mind is Chivas regal. It is best selling whiskey in India and also sales in other countries worldwide. For a beginner, Chivas 12 is the best and the person who wants to more complex, prestigious, and decadent Chivas regal 25 is best. Another whiskey of Chivas is Chivas 18 that has a creamy mouthfeel with plenty of vanilla and orange notes. However, most of the people take Chivas 18 with ice cubes or water. It is one of the best whiskeys in India to try out for.

This was the list of some whiskey brands that popular in India. However, the brand of whiskey In India rises constantly.

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