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Ajmal Perfumes & Fragrance


Ajmal Perfumes Overview

Ajmal Perfumes has been around since 1951 and has built its reputation on ethical and environmentally friendly fragrances. In 2004, the company upgraded to a state-of-the-art fragrance manufacturing facility in Dubai, increasing production capacity from 3,000 to seven5,000 bottles per day.

Founded by Haji Ajmal Ali, the company has since earned a reputation for producing quality products that are also cruelty-free.

The company is a family business, with five sons each holding their own role. Amiruddin heads up Ajmaal Perfumes while Fakhruddin runs Ajmal Real Estate.

Badruddin is the COO of Ajmal India, while Nazir looks after its operations in India. Sirajuddin is the head of the Ajmal Group of companies in India and is a Director.

The family’s philanthropic efforts have helped the company grow from humble beginnings in the 1950s. Today, Ajmaal is a multi-million dollar enterprise with over 500 retail locations worldwide.

The brand has a business presence in over 32 countries and is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. The brand has become a household name in India and the Middle East.

The Ajmal brand has been praised for its high quality, natural ingredients, and superior fragrance. The rich history and unique knowledge of the Ajmal family has made Ajmal Perfumes a leading brand in the MENA region.

With over 200 retail outlets in twenty-five countries and more than 500 dealerships across the globe, Ajmal has built a formidable global presence.

The Ajmals have become global leaders in the world of perfumery, with business in over 32 countries. In addition to being a household name in the Middle East and India, the Ajmals are the founders of a highly popular line of fragrances.

Today, Ajmaal Perfumes is a corporate entity with more than 500 outlets in 45 countries. It has been ranked as one of the most innovative companies in the world by Forbes. Its growth has been based on a strong brand portfolio and innovative technology.

Ajmal perfume is known for their fragrances that are considered sacred and religious by Muslims. Besides this, the Ajmal family is a family-owned business.

Founded by Haji Ajmal in 1954, Ajmaal Perfumes is an innovative brand with 69 years of experience. The company has a factory in Dubai, UAE, which is one hundred thousand square feet and houses a research wing.

Its global reputation has made it one of the most admired brands in the fragrance industry. It is among the top three most popular fragrances in the world and is sold in over 150 countries.

Ajmal Perfumes started as a small business with Rs500 in Assam, India. By the early 1960s, the company expanded to the UAE.

Ajmal Perfumes is now a multi-million dollar company and has offices in Dubai, Mumbai, and Hojai. It also plans to expand into most of the state capitals in India by 2012. Its mission is to be the best perfumes in the world.

Ajmaal Perfumes was founded in the early 1950s in Mumbai by Haji Ajmal Ali. Today, it has grown from a small trading house into a multi-million dollar corporation.

Despite its international presence, Ajmal is a family-owned business and the company has two generations of Ajmals working for it. You can buy Ajmal perfumes online or in the Ajmal store.

The brand is renowned for its rich heritage and artisanship. The brand is recognized as a Top 40 Arab Brand by Forbes Arabia. It is present in more than 20 countries with over 500 dealerships worldwide.

The company generates an annual turnover of over USD 200 million. The Ajmal family is a household name in the Middle East and India.

Its fragrances are popular in many parts of the world. The new line of Ajmaal Perfumes is the first fragrance produced in the UAE.

The company’s fragrances are highly sought-after in MENA markets. The brand has more than two hundred exclusive retail outlets in twenty countries, including the UAE. The Ajmal Group has a presence in 32 countries and has annual sales of more than USD 200 million.

The Ajmaal family has been creating luxury perfumes for over five decades, and today is one of the largest companies in the Middle East. If you are looking for a high-quality fragrance, you need to consider Ajmal Perfumes. Ajmal Perfumes is the way to go!

Founded in 1947, Ajmaal Perfumes is an iconic name in the Middle East. With two hundred and sixty-eight fragrances in their fragrance base, Ajmal has become one of the most widely distributed and highly prized fragrances in the world.

They are sold worldwide and have been regarded as a top 40 Arab brand for decades. Ajmal Perfumes has a global reach with over 200 retail outlets and more than five hundred distributors in more than thirty countries.

Ajmaal Perfumes is a global company with offices in more than thirty countries. Its headquarters in London is the most important office for the brand in the Middle East.

The Ajmal Group also has an office in Mumbai. It is aggressively expanding in India and has set up showrooms in major cities.

The brand has plans to be in every state capital in the country by 2012. If you want to be an Ajmaal perfume fan, this is the fragrance brand for you.

Ajmal Perfumes is a prestigious brand in the Middle East. It is a leader in the MENA region, with more than 137 retail outlets in 20 countries.

It also has an aggressive presence in India with offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hojai. Currently, it is present in more than thirty countries and has opened new showrooms in all the major cities.

Moreover, it has plans to be present in most state capitals of the country before 2012.

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