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Home & Decor - February 4, 2023

Effective Methods to Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Look Brand New

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If you look at your kitchen cabinets and see them old and worn out, what is that thought which will immediately come to your mind—the cabinets need to be replaced to impart a brand-new look?

That is true–you must replace the old set of cabinets.

But, if I say—you can make your old kitchen cabinets look new even without replacing them, how would you react?

At first, you might seem to regard it as a joke. And, you might go to the extent of taking it as a means to fool yourself.

Whatever negativities you are likely to develop in your mind, the fact remains that what I said is a fact—you can indeed make your old kitchen cabinets look new without spending money on buying replacements. And, that is precisely what I will discuss in the following paragraphs.

So, read on:

#1. Refinish

You can impart a brand-new look to your old or worn-out kitchen cabinets by refinishing them.

Although refinishing is not a difficult job, it involves some tedious work. So, you should ensure that you do it patiently.  And, you will need the following items to carry out the refinishing:

  • A drill
  • Wood filler or putty
  • A Palm sander
  • Paint sprayer
  • Plastic drop cloth
  • Stain or paint

The refinishing process starts with removing the cabinet doors, hardware and drawers. After that, you should make the essential repairs, such as covering scratches on the cabinets with wood filler.

Also, you can remove any build-up with a palm sander to attain a smooth finish.

Again, you should clean the cabinet components by vacuuming the dust on them.

#2. Putting Wallpaper in the Interior

If the cabinet doors are made of glass, you can add decorative wallpaper to the interior to impart a decorative colour to your kitchen without doing much work.

It can be a good idea to use peel-and-stick wallpaper, which is removable apart from being easy to install.

To put the wallpaper, you need a pair of scissors, measuring tape, X-Acto knife and plastic wallpaper smoother.

You should start by taking out the removable shelves. After that, measure the interior spaces.

Once the measurement is done, you should cut the wallpaper with a pair of scissors to size. And, do not forget to leave an inch or two to allow trimming.

During the process, you should be attentive to the pattern as that helps to match the edges properly.

You can ensure a smooth finish by using a wallpaper spreader. Moreover, it can also prevent the formation of air bubbles.

But you should ensure that you do not stretch the wallpaper. And, for that, you should press gently.


#3. Change Wood Doors to Glass

If you change wood cabinet doors to glass, it can your kitchen look more elegant. In addition, glass doors can allow you to exhibit your favourite dishes and glassware.

There can be many options for choosing glass panels in a hardware store. Again, you will need a drill, router, clamps, scrap plywood, glass clips and utility knife.

The method of the changeover is simple. All you need to do is, remove the wooden doors first, then make a guide with clamps and plywood. After that, you should cut out the centre panel of the door with the help of the router. When the cut-out is done, you should put the glass in place and tighten it with glass clips.

#4. Add Lighting

Your refurbished kitchen cabinets can look classy with lighting underneath. And, the addition of lights is an effortless task as that does not call for any electrical work.

You can use LED strips, and they can impart great looks. You can use adhesive or clip mounts to attach the lights to the bottom of the cabinets.

Again, you should measure the cabinets before purchasing the LED strips. The measurement will ensure that you purchase the strips of the right length.

You can choose battery-powered LED lighting if there is no electrical outlet near to the cabinets.


#5. Change to Open Shelving

Changing to open shelving can be a good option. You can change the upper cabinets into open shelving with some modifications.

It will help to style your kitchen along the modern lines apart from enabling easy access to your kitchen.

You can start by changing a few cabinets. After that, you can add more cabinets if you like the style.

Notably, the changeover process is not complex. You can effortlessly accomplish it.

You should make sure that you have a pull saw, sandpaper, wood putty, and drill. Moreover, you should also choose a matching paint or wallpaper for the interior.

Before starting, you should take off the existing doors and hinges. Then, you should remove the centre stile by pulling the saw, which will also remove sand, putty, screw holes, and rough edges.

After that, you can creatively cover the interior with wallpaper or paint.

The duration of the changeover will depend on the number of cabinets undergoing transformation.

#6. Put Crown Moulding

Putting crown moulding can be the best option if the kitchen cabinets stop above the doors. It can impart a more eye-catching look to the kitchen cabinets.

But, you should ensure that you keep the following things ready before starting the work: a saw,18-gauge brad nails, wood filler, trim caulk, wood glue and crown moulding.

You should start by measuring around the tops of the cabinets to figure out the length of moulding you need. After that, put the crown moulding that blends the best in your kitchen.

Again, you should cut the corners with the saw, and secure the moulding in place. After that, you should plug the nail holes with wood filler. Also, you should fill the corners with trim caulk.

Finally, apply paint after allowing them to dry.



Therefore, you have come to know that it is possible to make your worn-out or old kitchen cabinets look new without replacing them. All you need to do is, follow the methods outlined in this article to make it happen.

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