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Fixing a Leaking Garbage Disposal: All You Need to Know

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When you see a leaking garbage disposal, you find the picture annoying.

At the same time, there is no reason to worry, as there can be no need to replace the leaking disposal. Also, calling a plumber may not be necessary.

If you make some effort, you can fix the problem yourself without incurring hefty expenses.

If you want to fix the problem yourself, you will need a few tools and materials.

Therefore, you should arrange the following tools:

  • Pliers or wrench
  • Screwdriver

In addition, you should arrange for the following materials:

  • Plumber’s putty
  • New gasket

The method of fixing the issue will depend on two situations—the leak forming on the gasket, or flange.

A. When the Leak Forms on the Gasket

When the garbage disposer leaks from the top rim, it could be due to the rubber gasket getting on the top of the garbage disposal.

The rubber seal mounts to the flange at the top of the rim. Usually, the rubber gasket develops a leak when it gets old. But it is not the only reason behind leaks developing on the rubber gasket.

When the drain remains without water for a long time, the gasket can dry up, and that can be a potential cause for the gasket to develop a leak.

Again, the gasket is likely to develop a leak if is not evenly locked from all sides. You can easily replace the garbage disposal gasket if you find any leaks on it. You can quickly purchase a new one from the local hardware shop.

The steps in replacing the gasket are as follows:

#1. Disconnect Electricity and Water Connections

The first thing to do is to disconnect the electrical and water connections.

Also, you should remove the dishwater drain hose if there is also dishwater.

#2. Take Out the Disposal

Next, you should hold the sides of the mounting nut with the wrench. Then, you should twist the wrench counterclockwise to unlock the garbage disposal.

You should ensure that the disposal drops straight down.

 #3. Install the New Gasket

You should locate the rubber gasket on the garbage disposal. After that, take off the old gasket disposal and replace it with a new one. And ensure that it fits properly.

#4. Test

You should not fail to test the correct functioning of the gasket disposal. Ensure that you have locked all mounting grooves. Also, restore electricity and water connections.

Lastly, you should turn the water on to test the gasket disposal for any leaks.

B. When the Leak Forms on the Flange

The flange can be another potential cause behind a leaking gasket disposal. Usually, leaks on the upper portion of a garbage disposal are caused by the flange.

The flange should be sealed with plumber’s putty, and tightened from the sink’s underneath. If the flange is loose, you should take down the garbage disposal to enable resealing of the flange.

You should actuate the following steps:

#1. Turn Off Electricity and Water

You should first turn off the electricity and water before proceeding with the work. Also, remove the dishwater hose from the garbage disposal if there is dishwater.

#2. Take Off the Disposal

Next, you should use the wrench to hold the sides of the mounting nut. After that, you should unlock the garbage disposal by twisting counterclockwise.

Also, do not fail to ensure that the garbage disposal falls straight down.

#3. Take Off the Flange

You should loosen the bolts that hold the flange in place. Then, you should find the clip that keeps the bottom flange in place.

After that, you should pop the clip out of the groove with the help of a screwdriver. Subsequently, pull the top flange out from the sink.

#4. Reseal the Flange

Take some plumber’s putty and make a gasket-like out of it. Then, you should wrap the putty onto the flange’s rim.

Take the flange back to the original position. And, you should put the bottom flange on with the clip to hold it in place.

Subsequently, you should tighten the screws, and remove any extra putty in the sink.

#4. Test

You should reconnect electricity and water. Again, you should lock the garbage disposer in its place.

Finally, you should test for any leaks.

What If You Cannot Fix the Issue by Yourself?

So, there were all about fixing the issue by yourself, without engaging a plumber. But, the spontaneous question that arises in this—what to do if you find yourself incapable of doing the work by yourself?

The answer is not difficult to guess.

You should avail the services of a plumber to fix the issue.

Again, deciding to hire a plumber alone will not work. You should hire a quality plumber for the task.


So, fixing a leaking garbage disposal is no big deal. You can either fix it yourself or engage a plumber for the job. But it is a good idea to hire a plumber because the expertise matters a lot in effectively finishing the job. And, you should choose a competent plumber from a quality plumbing services provider, like Express Rooter Plumbing.

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