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Identifying the Common Plumbing Issues

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All house owners have to deal with plumbing issues that can any time. Usually, most plumbing issues develop over time.

When you notice leaks, moulds, strange noises, dripping faucets, or a bad odour, you can consider them as signs of the occurrence of issues with the plumbing system.

Once you identify a plumbing issue, you can call a plumber in Oakville to fix the defect. But, first, you should identify the issues, and for that, you should look for the following indications:

#1. Odd Noises

Examine whether the pipes or drains are making unusual noises. If so, there can be a plumbing issue. And, the nature of the noise can send out a signal of what might be causing it.

To help you figure out the cause behind such noises, we are outlining some of the related issues:


The noise can indicate a water pressure problem with air bubbles or water hammers.


Such noises can indicate that there is excess water pressure that the handling capacity of the unit. Usually, vibrating pipes cause the noises. And, a few adjustments can fix the problem.


The noise is an indicator of blocked pipes. And, you will hear the noise when you drain the water.

Rattling pipes, hidden behind the walls, floors, or ceilings, produce the sound.

When you hear such a sound, you should call a plumber specialised in blocked drains.


The sound occurs when the faucets and valves cannot function properly. Usually, worn-out parts due to aging are the causes behind the sound.

#2. Low Water Pressure

When the water pressure gets low, water droplets fall from the taps. If you see such a scene, you should check all taps in all rooms to ascertain whether the issue is localized or in all the rooms.

If you see the issue with only a few of the taps, you can regard that as a consequence of clogged faucets.

You can remove the faucet to fix the issue. And, you should use vinegar mixed with water to soak the aerator.

It may also require replacing the aerator.

If you fail to replace it, you should call one of the Oakville plumbers.

#3. Leaking Pipes

When pipes leak, they become one of the most expensive plumbing issues. Often, the issue calls for the replacement of the pipes.

Pipes are susceptible to damage during the winter months, during which, leakages can occur. When water freezes, it expands and that creates pressure on the pipe interior to rupture it.

You can fix this problem by insulating the pipes and water tank. Also, you should hire an experienced plumber to replace the pipes.

#4. Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets can be a source of the disturbance. Often, you will find the continuance of dripping despite tightly fixing the faucet.

Dripping wastes water. And, that can increase water bills.

Usually, the main cause behind the dripping of water is wear and tear, which can be fixed by a plumber.

Washers are usually made of rubber or silicone. And, the main function of washers is to stop water from coming out when the tap is turned off.

Again, washers can cause dripping when they become stiff, or get dislodged.

#5. Corroding Pipes

Corroding pipes can also cause water leakage. Therefore, you can regard corrosion as an issue if you see water leakage.

After identifying the cause as corrosion, you should determine the degree of the condition. And for that, you should:

  • Look at the kitchen cabinets
  • Check the bathroom
  • Check the signs of corrosion
  • Look for rusting signs on the pipes

Usually, the combination of water and oxygen causes corrosion. Moreover, pipes that hold water with low pH levels can also develop corrosion over time

In such a case, you should fix the issue on time. If you fail to do so, the corrosion may damage the flooring and the surfaces coming in contact with water.

Moreover, the protective layer within pipes is susceptible to damage caused by low pH. And, that can develop rusting in non-copper pipes too.

#6. Foul Smell

The strong foul smell can be an indicator of blocked drains. When a bad smell occurs, you can detect that from any room.

There can be many reasons for drains getting blocked. For example, food can get trapped, and the rotting food creates a bad smell.

However, things can become easier if the blockage of drains is due to food build-up. In such a case, you can free the drains by yourself. And, the problem will be solved.

The best way is to fill the sink with hot water and bleach. After that, allow the solution to move through the pipes until all the food breaks down, and moves along.

However, you can call a plumber to fix the issue if the problem persists after your efforts to solve it.

#7. Slow Drainage

When water gets blocked within pipes, draining the water through such pipes becomes difficult.

So, when you see water draining out slowly, you can ask a plumber to clear the pipes. The plumber will require a drain cleaner to accomplish the job.

Again, you should add a strainer to the shower, sink or bath.

#8. Higher Water Bills

If you see your water bills suddenly getting higher, plumbing issues can be the underlying reason.

There can be some plumbing issues that can result in your water bills going up, such as

  • Leaking pipes
  • Leaking toilet
  • Dripping faucets

Generally, water consumption rises in homes during the summer months. Also, the bill increases when you have guests at home.

#9. Running Toilet

It is another common plumbing problem that leads to a high-water bill. So, if you see your toilet running water, you should fix it immediately to avoid water flow.

You can fix the issue by replacing certain inner components. The issue can also arise due to faulty flapper valves.

Again, your toilet can overflow due to the formation of a clog. In such a case, you should turn off the toilet’s water supply.


Before you call a plumber to solve your plumbing issue, you should identify the issues. It will help to instruct your plumber. And, you can also solve the issue in many cases.

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