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Consumer - July 1, 2023

Meesho Supplier Panel – How to Get Started As a Supplier on Meesho

Meesho Supplier Panel

Meesho Supplier Panel provides sellers with an excellent way to connect with buyers. As it’s completely free, all sales revenue is paid back within 7 days after order delivery!

Meesho boasts zero seller commission across all product categories, making it one of the most profitable platforms on which to sell products. Sign up as a Meesho supplier now!

Getting Started

Meesho Supplier Panel provides people with an easy and accessible platform for starting their own businesses from home. Its user-friendly interface enables people to effortlessly manage inventory and sell products online, while offering various tools that help expand and grow businesses; among them are customer services tools and tracking sales/profitability tracking features.

Step one of starting your Meesho business is creating an account on our platform by clicking “Become a supplier” on the homepage of our website. After creating an account, log-in using your email address and password. If you forget your password click “Forget Password” for assistance resetting it.

Once you’ve created an account, you can upload product catalogs. Each catalog can include up to 9 products – each must include its name, description, dimensions, weight and price as well as photos for every one – but before it goes live after being submitted you must wait 72 hours before publishing it live.

Meesho is a social commerce site that allows users to make extra income by selling home-made goods made for sale on it. With over 140 million resellers across India and an increasing popularity among middle-income families looking for extra ways to eke out extra income, this platform can help make home-grown items profitable ventures for users if done well and presented attractively. However, for success to occur you must ensure the products offered for sale on Meesho meet quality and aesthetic criteria.

Meesho will notify you via email and through your Supplier Panel when an order has come through, prompting you to quickly accept and print out a shipping label for it to be applied on its box and sent off for delivery by our logistics partner.

Starting your Meesho journey is straightforward and can even be completed from your mobile phone! Simply visit the Meesho website and select “Become a supplier.” From there, simply submit your GSTIN, PAN card number and bank information in order to complete registration – then promote your products on Meesho to start earning money!

Catalogue Upload

Meesho offers an easy and cost-effective solution for selling products online, connecting buyers and sellers directly. By cutting costs of doing business and increasing revenue, this platform allows sellers to increase profit. Plus it comes equipped with marketing tools designed to promote products while expanding businesses – here’s how you get started:

To start selling products on Meesho, the first step is registering an account. Registration is simple and quick from any device; upon registration you’ll receive an email with instructions for setting up your password and getting started. After completion of registration you can upload your product catalogue and begin earning!

Catalog uploading through Meesho Supplier Panel is straightforward. Once registered on our website, click “Login” at the top right of your homepage to be taken directly to our supplier login page – here you can choose between using email or mobile number login methods before providing all required information and clicking “Submit.” You will then receive an OTP on your phone that allows you to login into your Meesho account.

Logging into the Meesho supplier panel requires adding products and categories; you can do this step either individually or in bulk as desired. It is best to create at least four categories that cover your available products for maximum sales potential and customer acquisition.

Meesho requires products to meet certain specifications in order to stay within its trade deals, ensuring you do not lose sales or draw negative reviews. Furthermore, be sure to stay current on payments so as to stay up-to-date on trade agreements; Meesho gives priority to catalogs that qualify for its next-day dispatch program – be sure to include this feature when creating product descriptions!

Attracting customers requires offering high-quality and relevant products on your website. Doing this will increase visibility and sales while simultaneously getting your name out there. Furthermore, setting competitive prices helps your products compete with those from other retailers.

Product Images

Meesho is one of the easiest online portals for suppliers looking to establish themselves. Registration takes just 10 minutes and only requires access to a bank account and GSTIN to complete. Once registered, upload catalogs and start selling products – there’s no sales commission or collection fees on Meesho; selling is quick and simple too, plus no shipping/handling charges apply, low-cost advertising options exist and tracking sales/payments is a breeze with this platform!

Meesho allows sellers to upload multiple product photos for each catalog on its platform, both standard and customized products alike. Meesho recommends taking multiple photographs from different angles with white backgrounds for optimal product photos that highlight its features and specifications as well as include an everyday item next to it to demonstrate size and dimensions.

Once you’ve uploaded your catalogues and products, they can be promoted via social media to reach a wider audience. Meesho also offers the Price Recommendation tool which compares your prices against market demands in order to gain new clients. Once an order has been placed with you, Meesho will notify both email and supplier Panel of its receipt; once received you should download label/manifest from Supplier Panel before shipping within 24 hours of receiving a notification from Meesho.

Meesho offers you fast and efficient payments when selling on our platform, typically the fifteenth day after delivery date. In addition, the Supplier Panel allows you to view your deposited balance and upcoming payments. Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Meesho does not charge collection or shipping fees and provides low cost advertising options that help bring customers in. Furthermore, no penalties exist on RTO (return to origin), while our delivery partners try contacting you multiple times before leaving product with customers; all these measures ensure your sale will be paid quickly and efficiently!


Meesho offers you an effortless online selling experience for your products or services. Their company takes care of every step from order processing and payments, through to shipping products directly to customers and customer support issues. Suppliers should focus on offering superior quality goods on time while providing exceptional customer service – this will draw in new customers and expand sales.

Logging into the Meesho Supplier Panel from either your computer or mobile phone is quick and simple, enabling you to sell products on our website or app with only a few clicks of your mouse.

After you log in, your catalog can be seen under the ‘Inventory’ tab. You may upload as many catalogs as desired to the Meesho supplier Panel; just be sure that they follow Meesho guidelines for image uploads and provide multiple images per product so customers can have a clear view.

Once you’ve added all your products, you can view each order’s status in the ‘Orders’ tab. When receiving an order, ship the product within 2-3 days and provide tracking details to customers. Meesho has partnered with logistics partners for easy delivery; once shipped it will move into the “Shipped” tab; if you wish to cancel an order you can simply click the ‘Cancel” option.

Once your product has been shipped and delivered to its customer, you will be compensated on the 15th day after they take possession. The funds will be transferred directly into your bank account regardless of whether they used a credit card or COD payment method – you can monitor its progress in the “Payments” tab.

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