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Games & Sports - March 29, 2022

The Perfect Guide To Mastering Online Carrom


Like fantasy cricket, fantasy football, and other card games, carrom also created a rage ever since it launched online.

All of us had played carrom when we were young. It brings back so many fond memories of our siblings and other family members. We remember playing this game at the club, at get-togethers with cousins, with grandpa at the ancestral home. It was a popular game during power cuts as well!

This board game was present in almost every household, and we have so much nostalgia attached to this game. The best part is that it is not tricky, and it takes just a few hours to understand how it works. You need to know how many points each carrom man holds and the striking styles.

Once you master the striking styles with time, the easier it gets.

In the online version like the MPL Carrom game, you need to know how the carrom men work and how the gameplay is. You have to learn the moves so that the coins/carrom men end up in the pockets. And here are some of the benefits of playing the game.

One of the primary reasons people indulge in the game is that it entertains them. Given the current situation, many of us prefer to stay at home and find ways to entertain ourselves. It is more cost-effective and an excellent idea for introverts.

Carrom undoubtedly exercises the mind. Carrom also helps in making you disciplined and enhancing your concentration. If you want to focus more on your studies or work, you should indulge in a daily game or 2 of carrom. This game also allows you to win cash online.

Imagine playing the age-old board game in the online version and winning cash prizes. It also helps to connect with like-minded people who enjoy playing this game. It is an excellent alternative to traditional socializing because you can invite your friends and family members through links.

The board games have advanced through the online version, and let us tell you that the online version is equally exciting.

The best part is that you don’t need to take outboards, clean them, find the carrom men, put powder on them, etc. Instead, you can maintain social distancing while enjoying a game of carrom. It provides that feel-good factor.

Carrom also helps in memory formation and improves cognitive skills with time. The more you practice, the higher are your winning chances. It can even reduce risks for mental diseases and lowers blood pleasure. It is a great way to speed up your responses as well.

If you are stressed, then a carrom game can help in more ways than one. It is also known as therapy because you get to socialize with people, have fun and at the same time strategize every move of yours.

Now we will discuss how to master online carrom.

Tips On Winning Carrom

  1. Learn the Rules: One of the first things you should know about the rules. In this regard, let me tell you that there are a few tweaks in the online carrom compared to the offline one. The first piece of advice for my side would be to play as much as possible. The more free contests you play, the better you become at the paid/cash contests.

White and black carrom man: The game consists of 9 white and nine black carrom men. In freestyle play, your aim should be to get in both sets of pieces. You should know that the white coins have 20 points, while the black ones have 10 points.

  1. Queen: Queen is one coin you must target because it has the highest number of points.

In a professional case, you cannot win the queen till you have pocketed the plain ones. The rules differ from one application to another, and you must go through all the rules before starting to play. In freestyle games, the queen carries as many as 50 points.

This is the reason why you should aim for this highly valued coin!!

  1. Read blogs: Another way to hone your skills is by reading blogs by experts. The more expert articles you read, the better it is for you. The experts always have something to say. Even if you think that you are a pro at playing the board game, there are a few things that you need to learn about the online version. We want you to take it seriously because it can help you win a lot of cash prices. Cash prices are always lucrative, and the more effort you put in, the more you can win.
  2. Consistency is the key: Remember that consistency is the key to online carrom. You will not be able to crack the code unless you are playing in the comfort of your house and are consistent. It would be best to concentrate while striking and learning the trick shots.
  3. Avoiding fouls: Another pro tip for you is avoiding fouls! This way, you can score more.

These are a few tips for winning carrom. It is a fun game, which has become more popular with its online version taking over the gaming world. Read this Forbes blog to learn how the pandemic has influenced the gaming industry.




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